Use case: Swimrun in Crozon, France

The event


Organized by: “Les Nageuses et Nageurs de la Presqu’île de Crozon”
Type of sport: SwimRun
Location: Crozon – Britanny – France
Start: out at sea, off the coast of Crozon
Finish: Morgat port
Distance: 4 swimming sections (5,9 km) and 4 trail running sections (11 km)
Number of participants: 48 duos
Date: 7th october 2017, 1st edition of the race

A few words from the organizer

Our response to the organizer’s needs

Request n° 1 from the organizer: more fun for the spectators

A way for spectators to follow the participants from the beginning to the end of the race on their mobile, PC or from the start area for more fun and immersion right at the heart of the event.


Our answer:

Our GPS tracking solution includes a live tracking interface dedicated to the event. It is responsive and accessible from any type of terminal (PC, tablet, mobile), without having to download any application. You just need an URL to follow the race in real time.

Request n° 2 from the organizer: Waterproof tracker

A tool to have an overview of the position of all participants for the duration of the swimrun, both during swimming and running sections.


Our answer:

The second component of our tracking solution is the GPS tracker. It is waterproof and immersible. It can be worn on a swimrun from end to end. The participants do not need to remove the tracker or put it in a plastic bag during swimming sections.


  • An attractive event, part of the digital age,
  • An event followed from end to end, even during the swimming sections, thanks a waterproof and immersible GPS tracker,
  • Spectators are right at the heart of the event thanks to the possibility of following the race live from their phone for those seated on first row or on the computer from home,
  • An event animated during all its duration thanks to the broadcast on screens of the map on the start and finish areas,
  • Participants enthusiastic about being followed in real time by their family, friends, and those who have stayed at home.

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