Use case: Palmarès Ultra Revival Tour

The event


Logo Palmarès Ultra Revival Tour

Organized by: Cyclosportissimo
Type of sport: endurance cycling
Start: Montgeron – France
Finish: Paris – France
Distance: 2 400 km – in the footsteps of the 1st Tour de France – 6 stages
Number of participants: 16
Date: from 11th to 16th september 2017

A few words from the organizer

Our answers to the organizer’s needs

Request n° 1 from the organizer: safety

A tool to have an overview of the position of all participants to intervene in case of problems.


Our answer:

The key components of our live tracking solution are a GPS tracker and a live tracking interface. The position of each participant equipped with a tracker is sent on a map every 2 minutes.
In case of problems, the organization’s members or the assistance teams can intervene in the right place on the course of the race.

Request n° 2 from the organizer: long battery life

With stages ranging from 270 to 470 km, sometimes taking place at night, Cyclosportissimo wanted a way to be able to follow the participants all the way, without having to use the geolocation app on a phone.


Our answer:

Our GPS tracker does not work with the GSM mobile network but with LoRaWAN, which is dedicated to connected objects. This energy-efficient network allows us to offer a tracker with a very long battery life. The average battery life of our tracker is 36h with a GPS point sent every 2 minutes – which is ideal for long distances.


  • A live tracking available for the duration of the event thanks to the long battery life of the GPS tracker,
  • An additional tool for the organizer who can ensure the safety of the participants, especially over very long distances, with the possibility to intervene in the right place in case of problems, and to reassure the family and friends of the participant who have stayed at home.

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Pictures copyright: Cyclosportissimo – Ultra Revival Tour