Use case: horse endurance in Abu Dhabi with ATRM



The event

Event: 12th International Endurance Festival Boudheib
Solution deployed by: ATRM Systems
Type of sport: horse endurance
Location: Boudhieb – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Races: 4
– CEI 3* 243km – 34 participants

– CEN for Ladies 100km – 69 participants

– CEN for Private Owners  100km – 37 participants

– CEI 2* 120 km – 51 participants
Total number of participants: 191
Date: 17 february 2018

Our response to the timekeeper’s needs

The future of endurance abu dabi
Request n° 2 from the timekeeper: spot the cheaters

A tool to control the path taken by each rider on the different courses. Like any outdoor sport, horse endurance does not alsways control cheating despite the presence of volunteers and staff.


Our answer:

In addition with the map screen on which you can follow all the participants in real time, we have developed a supervision interface that allows you:
• to identify suspicious behavior (cheating, horses at a standstill away from the course …) thanks to the analysis of the points reported by the GPS tracker,
• the supervision interface allows you to select each participant by bib number and see anly his GPS points or to display all the points reported by all the trackers.

Request n° 1 from the timekeeper: a real-time tracking solution adapted to horse endurance

A means for real-time monitoring of horse endurance races. Horse endurance is a sport that has many specificities. Examples:

  • A race consists of 3 courses – called “loops” – with delayed starts according to the riders’ progress.
  • There is a mandatory 40 minutes break time before the start of loops n°2 and n°3 for the veterinary control and for the horse to rest.
  • The race strategy is based on changes in the pace of the horse.
Our answer:

Our live tracking interface is customizable depending on the sport. As we own the solution, we can adapt developments to the specificities of a sport. For horse endurance, we have set up:

  • the configuration of “multitrack” races so that you can show or hide the courses you want to follow on the same screen,
  • an algorithm that takes into account the horses’ break time for a better understanding of the race (which is in pause, which is in the race),
  • a customized runners’ column and tooltip with contextual information specific to horse endurance (eg horse name, nationality).
Request n° 3 from the timekeeper: An and-to-end live tracking of the race in the desert

A solution to track the race during all its duration, without the constraints of the mobile network (chip or SIM card to manage, network coverage issues, low battery life of the phone etc.).


Our answer:
  • Our GPS tracker communicates with the LoRa network, dedicated to connected objects. This network is not yet deployed in the United Arab Emirates. However, this is not a obstacle because it is possible to deploy your own private network by setting up antennas at different points of the course.
  • After analyzing the topography of the course of the race, we know where to post the antennas for optimal reception. This allows us to have full coverage of the entire course. An antenna can cover between 15 and 20km around.


Régie TV Abu Dhabi
  • A tracking interface co-developed with an expert (ATRM) to meet the needs of horse endurance professionals
  • An overview of the event, for all its duration, with real-time geolocation of all riders thanks to the deployement of a private network
  • Equal treatment of all riders thanks to the supervision interface
  • A additional tool for judges who can rely on the data received to argue their decision

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