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Supporters sur le maratho de paris

5 reasons to implement live tracking on your event to improve the experience of the spectators

After all these months of preparation, you want to make your event unforgettable, the one the participants would not miss for the world. You have many tools to animate your event (music, speaker, food trucks…), to give a good time to the participants and to distract their family and friends who came to support them.

Spectators often have to wait at the start and finish lines, or at certain points of the course, following the planned lap times to encourage their participants. They only have few solutions to accompany them. Why not consider GPS tracking of the participants? Too expensive? Not very effective? Tracking solutions have largely developed in recent years and can meet the demands of organizers, according to their budget.

Tech4Race gives you 5 reasons to implement GPS tracking on your event to improve the experience of the spectators:

REAson n°1: ImmerSE.

With a GPS live tracking solution, spectators can dive into the heart of the race,  and be closer to the participants. “Have you seen her? Where is she?”, “do you think he’s injured?” will no longer be questions to ask. With GPS tracking, spectators have information in real time and can be at the right place at the right time to support, advise and encourage their favorite athletes.

REAson n°2: gather the participants together.

We will not surprise you by telling that sport is unifying (eg: FIFA World Cup 2018). The gathering of supporters is not restricted to more publicized sports. You only have to see the euphoria of the spectators during the last edition of the UTMB, and it’s about trail running, not football. All things considered, the financial means of these 2 events are not within the reach of all events. The goal remains the same: to set up a live tracking solution to gather the spectators, to allow them to follow together the battle of the favorites or the group of friends competing with each other on the trails … Shared moments behind the screen and commented around a drink at the bar.


The safety of the participants is the number one priority of the organizer as well as for the relatives and supporters. GPS tracking is particularly interesting for certain types of races (long distances, difficult environments or conditions), and makes it possible to follow the progression of all the participants during the race and to intervene in case of problem. The fans are reassured to know that their athletes have an additional way to be spotted on a map. 

REAson n°4: InnovATE.

Give your spectators a new, innovative and fun service and meet the demands of “immediacy” due to the rise of smartphones and continuous information.
New technologies allow the organizer to offer services equivalent to premium events at very competitive costs.

REAson n°5: Make the event live in the long-term.

Communicate in the long term with the participants. Before the race, by sharing the link of live tracking interface. During the race, by commenting on the race. After the race, by sharing the replay of the race and relive the best moments. Grow your community through interactions created on the web with athletes.

So, ready to implement a GPS tracking solution on your event? Contact us 😉

Antenne réseau LoRa

With LoRaWAN get rid of the typical “there is no coverage”

An outdoor race organizer who wants to propose a GPS tracking solution on his event regularly asks himself this question: is the mobile network (the most commonly used for this type of service) good enough to follow the participants all along the race?

Station antenne bord de mer
Antenna station placed on the course of the Ultra-Marin

Sports competitions in the mountains, in dense forest or at the seaside are often confronted with the problem of “white” zones, in which the network does not work, “there is no coverage”. There are alternative GPS tracking solutions, like satellite, that offer excellent tracking quality. However, these solutions are often cumbersome and expensive, and therefore not necessarily affordable for a large number of events.

At Tech4Race, we chose not to use the GSM or satellite network. Our GPS tracker uses the LoRaWAN network, dedicated to connected objects. This network has many advantages, including the ability to create our own LoRa network over a specific geographical area.

For what purpose? Easily and optimally follow a race in real-time at a reduced cost.

Here’s an example. A race organizer contacts us for GPS tracking on a trail by the sea. We evaluate the quality of the existing network along the route of the race with our operator tools (Objenious). Some sections of the route may not be well covered by the LoRa network. This is the reason why implementing a private network could be a really good idea.

Network coverage test with Objenious tool

Thanks to mobile base stations with antennas, we can deploy a network in “private” mode all along the route or in “mixed” mode to cover only certain areas of the race. After a topographical analysis, we place them on different spots along the course of the race so that the GPS tracker can send its data throughout the duration of the race. On the sections on which the Objenious network is good, it easily communicates with him. On the others, the stations take over. For what results? Continuous GPS live tracking of the race for more safety, attractiveness and fun. Ultra Marin (trail running) has implemented this network for this year event. For the 177km race, two sections poorly covered have been filled with antennas.

Since this network constraint has been lifted, new opportunities for GPS tracking on outdoor sports events appeared, in terms of number of races covered in France and abroad. For example, the horse endurance races in Abu Dabhi equipped with our solution were covered with our private network. Recently, the Prestige Cup (horse endurance) and the SwimRun Côte Vermeille were covered by a mixed network.

Antennas installationWe have worked with two key players of the Internet of Things to implement the “private” network: Kerlink, a network solution provider and Wi6Labs, a designer and integrator of solutions for the Internet of Things. Their expertise has been invaluable for us to complete our developments. Regarding the “mixed” network, it is the result of the R&D work of our technical team, which also specializes in network infrastructures.

Let’s discuss the possibilities of implementing Tech4Race live tracking on your event! Contact us 😉

Startup Golf Cup Nantes

Startup Golf Cup 2018: Tech4Race back on the greens

After a very promising first edition in 2017 in Nantes, the Startup Golf Cup returns in 2018 with 3 new dates – June 5 in Nantes, July 3 in Lyon and October 9 in Bordeaux.

For those who do not yet know the concept, the Startup Golf Cup is an amateur golf competition. The purpose of the event is to gather entrepreneurs, investors, large groups and institutions of the region on the green and allow them to discuss about of the startup ecosystem.

Tracker Tech4Race sur partie Startup Golf Cup

18 teams of 4 players are expected in each city. The game will take place on 18 holes in scramble, with a shotgun start. Each team will meet a local entrepreneur and discover the products and services he offers, every 3 holes.

Live tracking and scoring by Tech4Race

As last year, Tech4Race will provide real-time live tracking of all teams on the Nantes Edre golf course. This year novelty: live scoring! We have developed new features for golf allowing each participant to enter his score at the end of each hole, or every 3 holes here, via a dedicated interface. It will be possible to know where the players are on the course, follow the score of each participant and have a leaderboard updated in real time. The Startup Golf Cup will serve as a test for this service, which can be adapted to all types of golfing events (leisure, amateurs, Pro-Am, professionals) that they have dedicated scoring volunteers or not.

See you next June 5th on the golf course.

Eichrom - Rennes Urban Trail

GPS live tracking of Corporate Challenges: 6 teams tracked during the Rennes Urban Trail

The Rennes Urban Trail (Rennes, Britanny, France) took place this past weekend, under a beautiful sun. The event gathered more than 5,000 runners. Tech4Race was in the audience to support the Corporate Challenges equipped with the Tech4Race tracking solution.

The Rennes Urban Trail, a seCond edition full of surprises

On Sunday morning, April 22, 5,000 courageous people swapped their flip-flops for sneakers to run across the streets of Rennes. This 2nd edition of the Rennes Urban Trail was well named because the participants had to face some difficulties on the various courses proposed (7, 14 and 24km): steps to go down and to climb – including a 16 floors tower, obstacles or even sections with only cobblestones.

6 teams of the Corporate Challenge equipped with the Tech4Race GPS TRACKING SOLUTION

Since the beginning of the year, we offer companies participating in outdoor sporting events to equip their teams with our GPS tracking solution. Eichrom was the first tester during the 2017 marathon of Rennes. A successful experiment that led us to offer this service on different events.Eichrom renewed the experience this year on the Rennes Urban Trail and equipped 3 teams, plus 5 individual runners. Enensys Technologies also chose to follow its runners in real time and equipped 3 teams of runners.

GPS live tracking of a Corporate Challenge is a fun way to create a collective spirit and to gather colleagues around the values of effort, perseverance and sharing. Feeling followed and supported during the effort is comforting for the runner. Being able to find your teammates at the right time, at the right place during the race creates a collective energy.

Congratulations to all the runners. Happy to have met you on the side of the road!:)

Rennes Urban Trail - Challenge Entreprises

Organizers, add this service to your catalog

You want to bring a fun and differentiating service to your target ”Corporate”?
Add the Tech4Race GPS tracking solution to your offer. A turnkey service to animate the corporate challenges of your event including:

  • GPS trackers configured and labeled in the name of your event and the company,
  • a dedicated tracking interface accessible to all and broadcast on the big screen,
  • the connection to the Tech4Race service.

You want to set up live tracking during your Corporate Challenge, contact us.

Controler la triche avec le tracking GPS

GPS tracking to identify cheaters during a race

Cheating facts during outdoor sports events have been hot topics of the sports press lately: “Runner caught cheating in Fort Lauderdale race” or “Ultra-marathon racer caught cheating at WA event“. Desire to shine, to gain notoriety, lure of profit, human stupidity, cheating is a very unfortunate action that can taint the reputation of an event and a sport.

It can take several forms: taking drugs, use of non-regulatory materials, traffic of chronometry chips … We want to focus today on cases of “cutting” of the course (taking shortcuts or non-regulatory means of transport such a bike or metro during a marathon etc.).

Long distances, lack of human resources, topography and environment of the course make the monitoring of the race quite difficult.

How GPS tracking can help to control the respect of race route by contestants ?

Let’s take a recent example based on real facts during an equestrian endurance race in Abu Dhabi, covered by Tech4Race. The program was very simple: 3 loops of 20, 25 and 36 km which means a race of 243km to achieve 3 days in a row by twenty riders – in the desert!

The cheating case occurred on the 3rd day of the race on the 3rd loop. A judge had a doubt about the course of a rider. He asked Tech4Race to confirm or quash his presentiment. Thanks to our race monitoring interface, we can analyze the participant’s GPS track created from the points reported by the tracker. The cheat was confirmed, the participant was disqualified by the jury.

This is the interest of a GPS solution like Tech4Race. The current means of chronometry or certain tracking applications only deliver an intermediate time or an estimation of future times of passage. GPS watches can deliver information on how many kilometers the participant actually traveled at the end of the race – this is how a half-marathoner betrayed herself. But none of these tools can control in real time the effective track of a participant.

Based on theses observations, we have enriched our live monitoring service with a supervision tool. Organizers have an overview of the race, as well as an individual view of the progression of each participant. They can control the respect of the track (and contribute to the sporting ethics of their event), detect a suspicious stop (is the participant injured?) or analyze the average speed of an athlete on a stretch of the course (use of a bike in running? horse pushed at too high a pace during a horse endurance race?).

You have some ideas to improve the supervision of the race? Let’s talk about it 🙂