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Evian Championship interface de suivi sur grand écran

Live tracking on the Evian Championship: Golf competitions are increasingly appealing to digital

Just 15 days ago, I talked about the need for real-ime live tracking on golf competitions after our test on the Cordon Open Golf in Pléneuf Val André. The Evian Championship announced that it was going to propose it for their 2016 edition. I had to go there and check this out on the field. Well, I admit it, it was also a nice opportunity to visit the fabulous Evian Resort Golf Club and follow Suzanne Pettersen, Lydia Ko or even Michelle Wie.

The app worked well. The feedback required a member staff following each game. There is not yet a tracker per player that gives back automatically its geolocation. We are currently working on this particular point. So that the event organizer can be closer to the current party, mobilize fewer people and be more easily deployable, whatever the means of the organization. An overview of the game was also available on big screens, including in the press room. This year confirms a turning point in tracking live… for the major events at least. In the men’s competition, the US Open, the British and the USPGA are already using it. It was about time! The stakes of digitalisation for competitions are enormous (cf “The Repucom World Golf Research Report 2015“) for both on-site and remote viewers. All that remains is to generalize this with an easily deployable solution without redundant costs. Work in progress. To be continued …

Affiche Cordon golf open

Tech4Race on golf greens

After a marathon, an ultra-cycling raid, a triathlon, let’s go to a golf competition!

It may seem surprising but ultimately, the needs are very close. In all cases, the competition takes place in an open environment. The organizer does not have an overview of what is happening, nor does the staff members working on the event (volunteers, security teams…). It is the same for spectators. I have faced these situations a couple of time in France and abroad. I can assure you that it is annoying not to know what is happening and where… It is even more frustrating when you are at the other end of the course and that the places of passage reserved for spectators are not well known.

A real-time live tracking solution is obvious so that we can be right at the heart of the event. A competition of the European Challenge Tour takes place in the superb Golf of Pléneuf Val André, Brittany. The golf director, Laurent Jouanno, agreed to experiment our solution.We placed our demonstrators in the bag of 5 golfers during the 3rd day and one on the leader Alexander Knappe. A bit of stress like when you take your driver out of the bag at the first hole. The magic happens when the points appear on the map as players move. Our exchanges with spectators, the organizer and referees of the European Tour and of the Golf Federation confirmed the interest of a live tracking solution. It was a very conclusive test, rich in “user cases” to work and contacts to exploit.