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Eichrom - Rennes Urban Trail

GPS live tracking of Corporate Challenges: 6 teams tracked during the Rennes Urban Trail

The Rennes Urban Trail (Rennes, Britanny, France) took place this past weekend, under a beautiful sun. The event gathered more than 5,000 runners. Tech4Race was in the audience to support the Corporate Challenges equipped with the Tech4Race tracking solution.

The Rennes Urban Trail, a seCond edition full of surprises

On Sunday morning, April 22, 5,000 courageous people swapped their flip-flops for sneakers to run across the streets of Rennes. This 2nd edition of the Rennes Urban Trail was well named because the participants had to face some difficulties on the various courses proposed (7, 14 and 24km): steps to go down and to climb – including a 16 floors tower, obstacles or even sections with only cobblestones.

6 teams of the Corporate Challenge equipped with the Tech4Race GPS TRACKING SOLUTION

Since the beginning of the year, we offer companies participating in outdoor sporting events to equip their teams with our GPS tracking solution. Eichrom was the first tester during the 2017 marathon of Rennes. A successful experiment that led us to offer this service on different events.Eichrom renewed the experience this year on the Rennes Urban Trail and equipped 3 teams, plus 5 individual runners. Enensys Technologies also chose to follow its runners in real time and equipped 3 teams of runners.

GPS live tracking of a Corporate Challenge is a fun way to create a collective spirit and to gather colleagues around the values of effort, perseverance and sharing. Feeling followed and supported during the effort is comforting for the runner. Being able to find your teammates at the right time, at the right place during the race creates a collective energy.

Congratulations to all the runners. Happy to have met you on the side of the road!:)

Rennes Urban Trail - Challenge Entreprises

Organizers, add this service to your catalog

You want to bring a fun and differentiating service to your target ”Corporate”?
Add the Tech4Race GPS tracking solution to your offer. A turnkey service to animate the corporate challenges of your event including:

  • GPS trackers configured and labeled in the name of your event and the company,
  • a dedicated tracking interface accessible to all and broadcast on the big screen,
  • the connection to the Tech4Race service.

You want to set up live tracking during your Corporate Challenge, contact us.

Traversée des Vosges en ski-roues

The Etarcos project: Stéphane Brogniart will cross the french Vosges department on roller-skis

Stéphane Brogniart et membres équipe T4RWe met Stéphane Brogniart in Chamonix during the UTMB 2017. He is often presented as an ultra-trailer, a french mountain lover, a very nice character, with a philosophy of sport a little alternative. So yes, he is all that. But for us, he is above all an extraordinary adventurer. Let us tell you why.

After the crossing of the Vosges french mountains in 2016, then the crossing of the Jura french mountains in 2017, he will make a tour of the Vosges department (east of France) with roller-skis. 480km non-stop, 6100D +, in less than 48h – out-of-norms and especially a little crazy. And since we love challenges at Tech4Race, we’ll be there – like for its 2017 crossing of the Jura moutains ! You will be able to follow him in real time from April 19th to 21st on our web interface – which will be diffused on a web page dedicated to the event set up by Athlete 2.0.

Traversée des Vosges en ski-roues
Copyright : Stéphane Brogniart


And this ride on roller-skis is only the first step of a challenge all the more enormous. Indeed, Stéphane Brogniart has set up the project “Etarcos” which has as its final goal the crossing of the South Pacific by rowing within 5 years. From 2018 to January 2023, he will have 3 to 4 challenges a year to prepare for it. We told you, he is a real adventurer! You can follow all his preparation on his blog (only in french).

See you on April 19th at 9pm for the launch of the ”Traversée des Vosges”!

Gabin fait son Paris Brest

Tech4Race will equip Gabin on his Paris-Brest

Aaaah the Paris-Brest, that creamy french pastry that delights the taste buds … Yummy… But this is not the subject! We’d like to talk about a Paris-Brest today, but the one that Gabin, a 10-year-old, will travel by bike with his dad and his grandfather, from April 22 to April 28.

Gabin is passionate about cycling and wanted to achieve a sporting challenge. He knows the roads of Brittany (France) by heart. He has traveled them many times with his grandfather, 3 times finisher of the famous Paris-Brest-Paris. That’s why they have chosen this course to ride together. 617 km – 4347m of D+ – in 7 days. You can follow his adventure on our tracking interface since he will be equipped with a Tech4Race GPS tracker.

Gabin fait son Paris Brest avec tracker GPS Tec4Race
Gabin with Tech4Race GPS tracker

We are really happy to be a part of Gabin’s challenge. Despite our BtoB market orientation, we are pleased to support a sporting and solidarity challenge. And who knows? This could be the beginning of a collaboration with the official race? 😉

IoT Awards

Tech4Race, winner of the 2018 IoT Awards in the Compliant category

“Don’t stop me now” as Freddy Mercury said. After Barcelona and the IoT Innovation World Cup, we went to the IoT World / M2M and connected objects exhibition in Paris on March 21st. Winner of the IoT Awards in the Compliant category, we were invited to the award ceremony during the exhibition.

The IoT Awards reward ”outstanding” IoT projects by a jury composed of connected objects professionals (lawyers, journalists, professors, technological and sector specialists, etc.). The candidates are separated according to a scoring grid comprising around thirty criteria around the use, the techno, its application, its financing and its impact. Five projects, including Tech4Race, were rewarded in the “Innovative”, “Ambitious”, “Hi-Tech”, “Compliant” and “Jury Prize” categories.

Projets récompensés aux Iot Awards
©IoT Awards / Media dell’Arte

This award recognizes our efforts to address legal and legislative issues with the help of Avoxa and KPMG, and our desire to have a technically certified product (LoRa Alliance, Objenious).

Thank you to the jury for this award and to you for your kind words!

La Rennaise, expérimentation InOut

Trail “La Rennaise” tracked in real time by Tech4Race as part of the In Out event

La Rennaise, one of the oldest trail running race in the city of Rennes (Britanny – France), will take place at Parc des Gayeulles on March 17 and 18, for its traditional early spring races. Organized by the sports club of the city, the event offers 5 races, from 7.5 to 15km. The bravest can participate in the “Challenge V & B”, the novelty of the 2018 edition, a night-time 10 km on March 17th and a 15 km on the 18th in the morning.

As part of the InOut event on digital mobility solutions, organized by the city of Rennes this same weekend, the V&B Challenge of “La Rennaise” will be the subject of an experiment to highlight the use of new technologies in the field of sport and mobility. Participants will be equipped with our GPS tracker. A great opportunity to associate the citizens with the startup projects in their city and, for us to demonstrate the advantages of the LoRaWan network, which is at the heart of our innovation.

The link to the live tracking interface of the challenge will be communicated soon on the Facebook page of La Rennaise and ours. Stay tuned!

About InOut

The InOut event, organized by the city of Rennes – France, aims to highlight the use of digital in the mobility of tomorrow. A two-faceted event with a business-oriented IN component, to debate in the context of conferences and keynotes coupled with an OUT component, aimed at the citizens, to experiment and test the solutions of entrepreneurs and initiators of innovations on digital mobility.