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Gabin fait son Paris Brest

Tech4Race will equip Gabin on his Paris-Brest

Aaaah the Paris-Brest, that creamy french pastry that delights the taste buds … Yummy… But this is not the subject! We’d like to talk about a Paris-Brest today, but the one that Gabin, a 10-year-old, will travel by bike with his dad and his grandfather, from April 22 to April 28.

Gabin is passionate about cycling and wanted to achieve a sporting challenge. He knows the roads of Brittany (France) by heart. He has traveled them many times with his grandfather, 3 times finisher of the famous Paris-Brest-Paris. That’s why they have chosen this course to ride together. 617 km – 4347m of D+ – in 7 days. You can follow his adventure on our tracking interface since he will be equipped with a Tech4Race GPS tracker.

Gabin fait son Paris Brest avec tracker GPS Tec4Race
Gabin with Tech4Race GPS tracker

We are really happy to be a part of Gabin’s challenge. Despite our BtoB market orientation, we are pleased to support a sporting and solidarity challenge. And who knows? This could be the beginning of a collaboration with the official race? 😉