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5 reasons to implement live tracking on your event to improve the experience of the spectators

After all these months of preparation, you want to make your event unforgettable, the one the participants would not miss for the world. You have many tools to animate your event (music, speaker, food trucks…), to give a good time to the participants and to distract their family and friends who came to support them.

Spectators often have to wait at the start and finish lines, or at certain points of the course, following the planned lap times to encourage their participants. They only have few solutions to accompany them. Why not consider GPS tracking of the participants? Too expensive? Not very effective? Tracking solutions have largely developed in recent years and can meet the demands of organizers, according to their budget.

Tech4Race gives you 5 reasons to implement GPS tracking on your event to improve the experience of the spectators:

REAson n°1: ImmerSE.

With a GPS live tracking solution, spectators can dive into the heart of the race,  and be closer to the participants. “Have you seen her? Where is she?”, “do you think he’s injured?” will no longer be questions to ask. With GPS tracking, spectators have information in real time and can be at the right place at the right time to support, advise and encourage their favorite athletes.

REAson n°2: gather the participants together.

We will not surprise you by telling that sport is unifying (eg: FIFA World Cup 2018). The gathering of supporters is not restricted to more publicized sports. You only have to see the euphoria of the spectators during the last edition of the UTMB, and it’s about trail running, not football. All things considered, the financial means of these 2 events are not within the reach of all events. The goal remains the same: to set up a live tracking solution to gather the spectators, to allow them to follow together the battle of the favorites or the group of friends competing with each other on the trails … Shared moments behind the screen and commented around a drink at the bar.


The safety of the participants is the number one priority of the organizer as well as for the relatives and supporters. GPS tracking is particularly interesting for certain types of races (long distances, difficult environments or conditions), and makes it possible to follow the progression of all the participants during the race and to intervene in case of problem. The fans are reassured to know that their athletes have an additional way to be spotted on a map. 

REAson n°4: InnovATE.

Give your spectators a new, innovative and fun service and meet the demands of “immediacy” due to the rise of smartphones and continuous information.
New technologies allow the organizer to offer services equivalent to premium events at very competitive costs.

REAson n°5: Make the event live in the long-term.

Communicate in the long term with the participants. Before the race, by sharing the link of live tracking interface. During the race, by commenting on the race. After the race, by sharing the replay of the race and relive the best moments. Grow your community through interactions created on the web with athletes.

So, ready to implement a GPS tracking solution on your event? Contact us 😉

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