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GPS tracking and live scoring for golfing events

The sunny days are back (well, almost…)! The golf clubs, spiked shoes and balls are out and that’s without displeasing us 🙂

June was a month dedicated to golf for the most part with 2 competitions equipped with our GPS tracking solution. The “Trophée du golf de l’UE 35” and the “StartUp Golf Cup” were the early adopters of our new live scoring solution.

GPS live tracking GPS of golfing events?

It’s not that obvious, we know but wait… To give you an idea, a golf course with 18 holes can be bigger than 50 hectares. On such an area, it is complicated for the organizer to understand what happens during the game and for the spectators to know where the players they want to see actually are.

Scoring liveIn concrete terms: each team or player is equipped with a GPS tracker so as to offer a geolocated view in real time of the games on the course. A scoring tool is set up to easily enter the score as and when the game takes place. The score is entered on a smartphone by the player or on a tablet used by a volunteer every 1, 3 or 6 holes!
The result: an overview of the event for the organizer and the  golf course managers. It is convenient and reassuring for them to manage the timing of the event and also when thunderstorms are expected during the day (as it was the case that day!).
Also, the emulation between the players is increased. They are able to check the scores of the opposing teams in live. It is a great boost… even if it does not help to make the birdies fall 🙂

You organize or sponsor a golf competition soon (professional or amateur competition, Pro-Am, challenge, club trophy, etc.)? Contact us to give a new dimension to your golf event! 🙂

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