Month: March 2018

IoT Awards

Tech4Race, winner of the 2018 IoT Awards in the Compliant category

“Don’t stop me now” as Freddy Mercury said. After Barcelona and the IoT Innovation World Cup, we went to the IoT World / M2M and connected objects exhibition in Paris on March 21st. Winner of the IoT Awards in the Compliant category, we were invited to the award ceremony during the exhibition.

The IoT Awards reward ”outstanding” IoT projects by a jury composed of connected objects professionals (lawyers, journalists, professors, technological and sector specialists, etc.). The candidates are separated according to a scoring grid comprising around thirty criteria around the use, the techno, its application, its financing and its impact. Five projects, including Tech4Race, were rewarded in the “Innovative”, “Ambitious”, “Hi-Tech”, “Compliant” and “Jury Prize” categories.

Projets récompensés aux Iot Awards
©IoT Awards / Media dell’Arte

This award recognizes our efforts to address legal and legislative issues with the help of Avoxa and KPMG, and our desire to have a technically certified product (LoRa Alliance, Objenious).

Thank you to the jury for this award and to you for your kind words!

La Rennaise, expérimentation InOut

Trail “La Rennaise” tracked in real time by Tech4Race as part of the In Out event

La Rennaise, one of the oldest trail running race in the city of Rennes (Britanny – France), will take place at Parc des Gayeulles on March 17 and 18, for its traditional early spring races. Organized by the sports club of the city, the event offers 5 races, from 7.5 to 15km. The bravest can participate in the “Challenge V & B”, the novelty of the 2018 edition, a night-time 10 km on March 17th and a 15 km on the 18th in the morning.

As part of the InOut event on digital mobility solutions, organized by the city of Rennes this same weekend, the V&B Challenge of “La Rennaise” will be the subject of an experiment to highlight the use of new technologies in the field of sport and mobility. Participants will be equipped with our GPS tracker. A great opportunity to associate the citizens with the startup projects in their city and, for us to demonstrate the advantages of the LoRaWan network, which is at the heart of our innovation.

The link to the live tracking interface of the challenge will be communicated soon on the Facebook page of La Rennaise and ours. Stay tuned!

About InOut

The InOut event, organized by the city of Rennes – France, aims to highlight the use of digital in the mobility of tomorrow. A two-faceted event with a business-oriented IN component, to debate in the context of conferences and keynotes coupled with an OUT component, aimed at the citizens, to experiment and test the solutions of entrepreneurs and initiators of innovations on digital mobility.

Iot WT innovation World Cup winner

Tech4Race : winner of the LoRaWAN™ Challenge by LoRa Alliance™, MWC2018

How nice is it to start the year with some good news 🙂 ?

After being selected as a finalist in December 2017, Fabien, co-founder of Tech4Race, went to the final of the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup in the “LoRa Challenge” category on February 27 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest mobile and telecom exhibition… And did not come home empty handed 😉

Chosen out of more than 900 registered solutions, Tech4Race has been rewarded for the LoRa Challenge, powered by the LoRa Alliance. The jury was composed of Tech leaders, IoT experts, journalists, investors and representatives of the Innovation World Cup partners. They felt that Tech4Race product excelled in the areas of innovation, market readiness, and scalability :

“Tech4Race leverages the unique aspects of LoRaWAN such as geolocation, long-range, affordable sensors, and connectivity options across public and private networks to make competitive sports events more enjoyable, fairer and easier to administer, with real-time data from the participants made available to the event organizers, participants, and spectators.” said Charles Paumelle, co-chair of the Marketing Committee for the LoRa Alliance and co-founder of member company Microshare. (from LoRa Alliance Press Release)

We’re genuinely honored to be named the winner of the LoRaWAN Challenge. The LoRaWAN network is often used for industrial and logistical purposes, however, the Challenge offered an opportunity for us to showcase another aspect of its usefulness, specifically in sports.

First positive results: we have started discussions with various global operators of the network to implement our solution abroad.

After this victory in Barcelona, our next challenge is to finalize our fundraising. What’s better and more reassuring than investing alongside a winner of a “World Cup”? 🙂

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!