Month: December 2017

Cavaliers avec le tracker GPS Tech4Race

120 GPS trackers in the desert

Do not worry, we have not lost them, it would take the cake !
The start of the Abu Dabhi endurance ride season was launched on the october, 23rd in Bouthieb. 120 contestants wore our GPS tracker. Cavaliers avec le tracker GPS Tech4Race


A successful first for our tracker as far from its lands. Horse endurance was not a priority sport for us just a few weeks ago. But when the need is there and customers are willing to pay, you don’t have much of an hesitation.

To well-understand this discipline, we are accompanied by our partner ATRM, an automatic timing specialist who wanted a live tracking solution to offer its customers.

This experience shows that:
– you need to adapt your roadmap according to the opportunities
– our market is global
– our solution is relevant for a large number of sports
– the control of it (tracker + interface) allows us to make developments to stick closer to the specificities of each sport. You do not follow a horse endurance race as you follow a marathon 🙂
co-designing with the actors in the field is a key asset as we can respond to user needs
– our economic model based on partnership with timekeepers is relevant. They are the ones who know the market, the customers and their needs
– beyond the organizers, TV broadcasters are also interested. We were able to collaborate with Abu Dhabi TV and test the insertion of our interfaces in their live. The interest: enrich the information given and complement the camera device deployed on the site.
Bus régie

In 10 days, back on the spot for the 2nd step of the season with 2 races to equip. And plenty of new ideas to come.