Month: October 2017

Rennes Marathon 2017 : EichromLab team tracked closely

Last Sunday, October 22, the 7th edition of the Rennes Marathon (west of France) took place. EichromLab has set up a team of runners, followed in real time by Tech4Race.


The Rennes Marathon event: 5 races across the municipalities of the north of Rennes. This year, more than 7,500 runners registered for the event. Among them, the EichromLab company team; 28 employees or spouses of employees ran the different races of the event (solo marathons, duo or relay, women and Nordic walking). Tech4Race equipped the runners with GPS trackers. Patrice Letessier, head of Eichrom wanted to offer a fun service on this day of sport and team spirit. A service appreciated by the supporters who were able to follow from end to end the progress of the runners equipped. Our web interface was displayed on 2 giant screens in a bar, HQ of the team for the day. People also followed them from their smartphone: “there she is” “She’ll be here in 2 minutes”,” ah, he is moving at a good pace, he should be here soon.” It was noted that the service triggered a certain enthusiasm among the spectators but also with the runners who felt supported during their effort. “The team wanted to be there, at the right place, at the right time to encourage our runners, it really created a collective energy and strong moments of sharing,” says Patrice Letessier.

LIVE tracking IN URBAN AREAS: A PLUG-and-PLAY service

The big cities of France are very well covered by the LoRa network of Objenious, network that we use. An advantage for a simple and fast implementation of trackers. The runner is at the start line, turn on his tracker and go. And soon, the tracker will be programmed to wake up alone.

Thank you to Eichrom for associating us with this event. I think a lot of participants appreciated your encouragement on this last kilometer. Congratulations to the runners who have all crossed the finish line!

See you next year? 😉

Tech4Race seeks to raise € 300,000 in equity crowdfunding

The first years of a start-up are punctuated by the development of the product, the search for customers, … and investors. A step sometimes unavoidable to keep growing. We are at this point. A fundraising will allow us to invest and recruit to accelerate our development.Our need is € 300,000.

Our aim is to generalize real-time live tracking of outdoor sports events.To do so, we must “scale up” to have a sufficient number of trackers.The first 500 trackers produced and financed from our own funds will obviously not be enough to reach that goal 🙂

The sports events market is large (145 billion dollars) and growing (+ 3.5% / year). This is even more true for all the “outdoor” sports we target (triathlon, trail running, swimrun, road races, water sports, golf, etc.).It is global and immediately accessible, the needs and demands are the same from one country to another.

We are just starting to commercialize our solution and we are already able to confirm that feeling thanks to the many requests that we have, both from France and abroad (Iceland, Peru, Germany, Spain, United Arab Emirates).

Tech4Race must invest to have a sufficient number of trackers in order to respond to the solicitations and be able to equip a large number of participants from 2018. We also must strengthen our sales and R&D teams in order to offer new services and adapt our solution to new sports (sailing, golf).

What is the challenge of this € 300k fundraiser? Accelerate our “go-to-market” in France, validate our business model and export us very quickly to other countries.

Our expectations for 2018: 7 job creations, a production of 3,000 trackers from the beginning of the year to equip 30,000 participants on more than 70 races next year.

Tech4Race has contacted several funds specializing in startup funds. We also want to open our capital to individuals and business angels. A way to associate people who believe in our project by relying on a regional tool : Gwenneg’s crowdfunding platform.

If you are interested in our fundraising, go to

Grand Parquet Endurance équestre

Tech4Race rides horses

I had not attended an equestrian endurance event for a good twenty years.It was around a small village in France, with my uncle. Last weekend, we were in Fontainebleau, one of the flagship places in Europe of the discipline, for the Grand Parquet Endurance.

For those who are not familiar with this type of event, Equestrian Endurance or Horse endurance is the equivalent of the Ultra Trail but dedicated to horses. Contestants have to travel several loops and do a veterinary check up at the end of each of these loops. It is a globalized sport, as the 3 best riders of the moment, in this case three women, are from every corner of the world (Uruguay, Germany and the United States).
Since 2011, the Fontainebleau Grand-Parquet welcomes one of the finest events in Europe in early autumn. Tech4Race was in the game. A first for us. To prepare for this event, we collaborated with ATRM, one of the leaders in equestrian timekeeping.

On the basis of their specifications, we worked together for three months to adapt our solution to the specificities of this sport.The proof of the flexibility and the personalization of our tools, a key asset for our future development to widen the range of targeted sports. This approach also reflects our working philosophy: co-designing for a bertter response to the needs of users. The support and expertise of the ATRM teams have been crucial.

We equipped the participants of the IEC 2 * 120 km event with our trackers on Saturday morning to follow them on the last of the 4 loops. An opportunity for us to present the design of the interface customized for this sport and new features developed. Despite some technical constraints, including poor internet quality, the test has been proven conclusive. A big thanks  to ATRM for their trust as well as to the whole team of the organization led by Caroline Cabardos and to Agathe Joly, director of the Grand Parquet.

Next step: presentation of the solution in Abu Dabhi next month! Like I told you, it is a globalized sport 🙂



GPS live tracking of The VentouxMan 2018

It’s official, Tech4Race will ensure the live tracking of the 2018 edition of The VentouxMan!

The VentouxMan is a Long Distance triathlon that takes place in Vaucluse, South of France. Renowned as one of the most difficult of its category, it consists of 2km of swimming, 90km of cycling (with 2,200m drop including the mythical rise of the Giant of Provence – 21km to 7,5% of average) and 20km of running (with 420m of drop – trail running spirit). 1,000 courageous athletes will come face Mount Ventoux on June 3, 2018.

VentouxMan 2018

Tech4Race will keep a close eye on it. Indeed, the participants will be able to be follow in real time during this beautiful race thanks to our GPS tracker! An option for 10 € available upon registration – but also a posteriori. Thanks to this tracking, family, friends and supporters will be able to support their favorite athletes throughout the course, at the right place and at the right time. For those who stay at home, they can follow them anytime from their tablet or smartphone.

With this partnership, we got a foothold in the triathlon market. We are happy that it is primed by this mythical event.

Triathletes friends: to book your GPS on the VentouxMan 2018, go here.

swimrun de la presqu'ile de crozon

Tech4Race starts swim&run

Saturday, October 7 at noon, 48 duos crossed the start line of the first edition of the Swim&Run of Crozon (France), organized by ”les nageuses et nageurs de la Presqu’île de Crozon”. Each duo was equipped with a Tech4Race GPS tracker. A first for us on this type of discipline!

The teams were able to pick up their tracker (1 per team) during the distribution of the bibs on the morning of the event. Some runners have worn it on the wrist, arm, ankle or in a pocket of their suit.

The course was composed of 4 swimming sections (5 900m) and 4 running sections (11km), along the Finistère coast (west coast of France). The departure was given in open sea, from boats, under a radiant sun! The finish line was on the port of Morgat. Congratulations to the participants, all finishers!

We were exceptionally present the day before the event to make a reconnaissance of the course and install some antennas to have an optimal coverage. Result: on earth, no problem, the tracking worked well. At sea, we confirm: the tracker is waterproof, not a drop of water in the cases. We still have to improve the quality of the signal when the tracker is immersed.

Congratulations to all the organizing team and a special thanks to Robison Azzis for his enthusiasm as an early adopter of the Tech4Race solution.