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Salon Ultra Trail de Chamonix 2017

Tech4Race at the Ultra-Trail Exhibition in Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Stand Tech4Race - Salon Ultra-trail 2017
Tech4Race booth

From August 28 to September 1, 2017, Tech4Race left Brittany for Haute-Savoie (France). Head to the Chamonix Ultra-Trail exhibition. After the Running in April and the Triathlon in June, the Ultra-Trail completed our trilogy of the shows of the year.

The Ultra-Trail Show, organized as part of the Ultra-Trail of Mont Blanc (UTMB), is dedicated to nature and outdoor races.This open-air market welcomes more than 50,000 visitors from all over the world every year (we quickly realized that we had to forget French for English!). Located in the heart of Chamonix, the show takes place a few hundred meters from the start of the UTMB and the arrival of all the races of the event (PTL, TDS, OCC, CCC, UTMB).

On the brink of the commercialization of our solution, being present at this show was essential. On the one hand, we would meet some sixty trail organizers present. On the other hand, we would evangelize our solution to the important players in this sport. And the result is positive: many contacts in France and internationally and a strong interest for a real-time tracking solution.

This show was also an opportunity to meet both amateur and experienced athletes. What a pleasure to put faces on names and to be able to exchange with runners that we read and followed on social media. Thanks Bruno, Eric, Florent and Hervé for coming to see us.

We took advantage of our presence in Chamonix to enjoy the atmosphere of one of the biggest events in Trail running. Although we were not able to get to the start of the races, we were there for in the finish of the winner of the TDS in Chamonix, I named Mr. Michel Lanne – winner of the CCC last year. Unfortunately, our time constraints did not allow us to attend the start and finish of the UTMB … on the spot at least. Thanks to the live video broadcast offered by the organization, we did not miss a thing! Can’t wait for real-time tracking of all runners to get an overview of the race!

We would like to greet again the backers of our crowdfunding campaign. Your donations allowed us to participate at this important event. Thank you !

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